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Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars From Music Shop Direct & The Music Box Shop

Below is our selection of acoustic guitars in a range of prices and styles. Our acoustic guitars include brand names such as Freshman, Blue Moon, Countryman, Brunswick, Vintage, Tanglewood and Crafter.

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Palma Classical Guitars
Palma classical guitars are the ideal introduction to playing classical guitar. Available in three sizes 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 (full size).
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Falcon 3/4 Size Classical Guitar - PINK
This great value 3/4 Sized Classical Guitar is ideal for any beginner.
1/2 Size Classical Guitar Package
Children's 1/2 Size Nylon Strung Guitar pack
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Jose Ferrer Student Classical Guitars
The Jose Ferrer range of student classical guitars offers a good quality instrument and was designed for students by guitar teachers.
3/4 Size Classical Guitar Package
This great value 3/4 Sized Nylon Strung Guitar pack comes with everything needed to start playing. Great savings when compared to purchasing the same goods within the package individually!
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Range of Countryman Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic Guitars by Countryman
Full Size Classical Guitar Package
Full Sized Nylon Strung Guitar pack
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Chord Acoustic Guitar Left Handed
Acoustic Guitar By Countryman
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Freshman Acoustic Folk Guitar In Natural, Black & Blue
Quality acoustic guitar from the Freshman range available at The Music Box Shop.
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Freshman Acoustic Solid Spruce Top FA1DN(S)
Freshman Solid Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar
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Vintage V400 12 String Steel Strung Acoustic Guitar
12 String Acoustic Guitar By JHS
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Crafter Steel Strung Acoustic Guitar TV-200
Acoustic Guitar By Crafter
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