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Ballerina Music Boxes

Ballerina Musical Jewellery Boxes And Ballerina Music Jewelry Boxes

Below is our selection of ballerina jewellery boxes, musical ballerina jewelry boxes, musical jewellery boxes with ballerina figurine, and a wide range of wooden music boxes for jewellery. The perfect musical gift for any special occasion. We are sure you will find a suitable traditional musical jewellery box here.

Large Italian Inlaid Classical Ballerina Box 460/FC
A beautiful jewellery box with ballerina.
Blue Ballerina Childrens Musical Jewellery Box 22104
A pretty treasure or musical box with plenty of space for jewellery.
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Childrens Dancing Figure Wooden Musical Money Box 43822
Wooden dancing figure musical money box
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Swan Lake Musical Jewellery Box 22102
A girls pretty music box.
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Ballerina Figurine 27012
A beautiful musical ballerina figurine.
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Italian Inlaid Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box GA203
A beautiful musical ballerina jewellery box finished in wood veneer.
Small Ballerina for musical movement BAL2
A small ballerina figure for fitting to the ballerina musical movement 1/18BAL
Teddy Bears Snow Globe 43601
A beautiful Teddy Musical Snow Globe.
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