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Drum Sticks


We stock a wide variety of drum sticks in various sizes plus other associated pieces of drum equipment such as drum keys, hot rods, wire brushes, practice pads and drum stick bags.

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Percussion Plus Wire Brushes PPP586
Good Quality Wire Drum Brushes
Drum Tech Wire Brushes
Good Quality Wire Drum Brushes
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Hickory & Oak Drum Sticks (pair)
These budget priced 5A and 7A drum sticks are made of hickory.
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Chord Drumstick Bag
Handy bag to hold your drumsticks.
Pell Wood Extra Slim 7A Drumsticks (pair)
For those drummers who prefer the extra slim stick within the 7A size.
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Vic Firth American Hickory Drum Sticks (pair)
From the famous Vic Firth range of sticks, these American Hickory sticks are always very popular with musicians and students alike.
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Percussion Plus Pair of Hot Rods PP133
Percussion Plus Hot Rods for a new sound on your drums.
Replacement Drum Vellums
Replacement Drum Vellum
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