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Electro Acoustic Guitars


This is our range of Electro Acoustic guitars from the Vintage, Stagg and Crafter range.  These acoustic guitars have electronic pickups, EQ and volume controls, and socket to plug straight into any amplifier. Sometimes referred to as Electric Acoustic guitars or Acoustic Electric guitars, but they all refer to the same style of instrument.

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Alden AD143 Deep Body Jazz - Cherry Red
An unusual and attractive guitar, with acoustic and electric combination.
Freshman FA1CEM Dreadnaught Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Natural
Vintage natural electro-acoustic guitar.
Freshman Renegade Cutaway Electro-Acoustic in Natural, Sunburst & Blue
Freshman electro-acoustic guitar. Also available in natural, blue & sunburst.
Blue Moon Bowlback Electro Acoustic Guitar
A very well priced bowlback electro acoustic guitar ideal for the new player.
Freshman Apollo2DC Dreadnought Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Vintage natural electro-acoustic guitar.