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Guitar Stands

Below you can find our range of guitar stands, suitable for any type of guitar, ranging from bass, classical, electric, acoutsic, to electro-acoustic guitar. There are stands to suit any musician, whether the A Frame type stand, to the goose neck, or two-way stand. Feel free to browse our selection of guitar stands to suit your personal requirements.

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Acoustic Guitar Stand KUA200
Quality acoustic guitar stand from the Kinsman collection.
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A-Frame Guitar Stand 180.163
Guitar stands and accessories available from The Music Box Shop, Bristol.
Electric Guitar Stand KUE100
Electric guitar stand available from the Kinsman range here at The Music Box Shop.
Guitar Foot Rest
Guitar foot rest
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Ingles Metal Hanger GSA30
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Ingles Wood Hanger GSA36
Guitar hanger
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Two Way Guitar Stand 180.171
Guitar stand to hold two guitars, available from The Music Box Shop, Bristol.
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Universal Guitar Stand
Quality guitar stand.