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Harmonica Accessories


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Harmonica Holder
A standard model chrome harmonica holder.
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Lee Oskar Diatonic Reed Plates 1910RP/C
Why throw out the whole harmonica because one reed has become fatigued? We have replacement reed plates.
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Progressive Harmonica Method for Young Beginners Book & CD 153269G
This book introduces the younger student to the basics of harmonica playing and reading music.
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Basix Harmonica Method Book & CD 115924N
A very popular tuition book for harmonica, suitable for diatonic and chromatic harmonica.
Mel Bay's Complete Chromatic Harmonica Method Book 103544A
This book deals specifically with the chromatic harmonica. It is a foundation for chromatic harmonica study.
Teach Yourself To Play Harmonica Book 103483E
Everything you need to know to start playing now! Teaches you through an easy to understand, step by step system.
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Nylon Zip Harmonica Case 000563
Quality hard case for harmonicas.
Harmonica Servicing Set 000567
Hohner Harmonica Servicing Set.
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