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Harmonicas From Music Shop Direct & The Music Box Shop

We have a selection of harmonicas for beginner to professional.  We stock a range of harmonicas from Hohner, Tombo and Barclay.  The harmonicas are available in a range of keys from Barclay, Silver Star, Big River Harp, Golden Melody, Marine Band, Lee Oskar, Blues Harp, Hohner Special 20, Folk Blues. 

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Silver Star Harmonica from Hohner 000484
A budget priced diatonic harmonica from the Hohner range.
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Hohner Big River Harp 000123
A great sounding harmonica from the Hohner range.
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Marine Band Harmonica from Hohner 000017
A classic from the Hohner range of harmonicas.
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Hohner Special 20 Marine Band Harmonica
A smooth 'comfortable' feeling harmonica with genuine brass plates recessed in a plastic body.
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Hohner Blues Harp MS 000139
A traditional sounding Blues harmonica from the Hohner range.
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Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica 000105
A classic harmonica from the Hohner range, very popular with professional players.
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Lee Oskar Harmonica - Major Diatonic & Melody Maker
A selection of harmonicas from the famous Tombo Lee Oskar range.
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Blues Band Harmonicas & Case 000536
7 piece Hohner Blues Band Diatonic Harmonica set with zipper case.
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