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Musical Instrument Tuners

Below is our selection of musical instrument tuners, including a variety of pitch pipes. Tuners are available for btoh electric and acoustic guitar, violin, ukelele, and banjo etc. We stock a variety of different brand names and styles of tuner, such as Skytronic and Korg, but if you do not see the tuner you are looking for, please telephone and we will try to locate one to suit.

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JHS Guitar Pitch Pipe 22
Professional audio tuning device from JHS.
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Ukulele Pitch Pipes Set 2057
Metal ukulele pitch pipes. Tuned to the traditional notes of A D F# B.
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Banjo Pitch Pipe PP70
Quality audio device from Heriba.
Skytronic Digital Auto Guitar Tuner 172.266
Professional musical guitar tuner from Skytronic.
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Korg Guitar and Bass Tuner GA-1
Quality guitar and bass tuner.
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MMT3 Colour LCD Metronome Tuner
This useful chromatic tuner and metronome can be used for any musical instrument.
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Qwik Tune The Guitar Professor Tuner QTGP1
Professional chromatic tuner from JHS.
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Korg Chromatic Jackmount Guitar Tuner GB-1
Professional audio tuning device.
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Snark 'Clip-On' Chromatic All Instrument Tuner
Easy to use clip on chromatic instrument tuner.
Korg Hawaiian Tuner for Ukelele HA-40
Professional audio tuning device.
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Digital Metronome/Dual Tuner IMT-202
Professional audio tuning device.
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Planet Waves Chordmaster PW-CTM
Professional audio device.
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Seiko Auto / Manual (Tuner 12) ST.1100
Professional audio tuning device.