Flexible Tubing For Mechanical Organ Building

Flexible paper tubing for fairground and street organ building.

Paper type flexible tubing for air ducting and wind distribution, this tubing can be used in many applications for air / wind supply in organ building. It is also perfect for replacement for damaged organ wind tubing during restoration and has many application uses in new build mechanical, fair, street, dance and fairground organs.
It is often generically referred to in organ building circles as “copex” or “kopex” tubing.
This paper type flexible tubing is strong, flexible and can be bent without distortion it is also easily cut to length.
The wind tubing comes in various sizes you can pick your size from the box below and is sold by the metre. (up to a maximum single length of fifteen metres.)
 For ordering example if you require a one metre length just order one, if you need a length of five metres order 5.
( Colour may vary.


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