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We specialise in new musical jewellery boxes and jewellery caskets.

Historically a jewellery casket, or jewelry box is a description given to a container that is usually a large box or receptacle slightly smaller than a chest, often decorated and used to house precious items.
Musical jewellery boxes have been made in many materials down through the centuries including ivory, wood, and silver often with carved decoration or marquetry inlay. Today we still stock all types of musical
Jewellery boxes in different styles.

In recent times most
jewellery boxes for trinkets and jewels are of moderate size, but in earlier centuries, when other types of documents and precious possessions needed storing, boxes could be of very large proportions  An excellent example of large jewel cabinets are the two which were made for Marie Antoinette, made by Schwerdfeger, cabinet maker, and his assistant Michael Reyad.

In ancient times it was not unusual to see jewel caskets made in precious materials, such as gold and silver. In East
Asia, wood or china would often be covered with silk to create wonderful decorative jewellery boxes.

The tradition of giving small jewellery boxes as a
christening gift is still popular particularly the ballerina jewellery boxes that became popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

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