Music Box Mini Movement

1 tune 18 note miniature music box movement.

This is a 1 tune 18 note miniature music box movement. This movement is fitted in a white plastic housing so that the mechanism is protected should it be inserted in to a stuffed toy.

These musical movements are often used in childrens toys and teddy bears etc.

To wind the musical movement there is a small key on the back.  The movement pictured shows the 2cm key shaft.  

Tunes : Please choose from the box below

Approx Size 43 x 35 x 15 mm.

(excluding Key.)

Length of tune:  8 seconds approx (without repeating tune).

Total playing time until fully unwound:  2  minutes approx ( repeating tune).

(colour / design of movement may vary slightly)


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Condition New
Weight 0.1kg